Friend Application

 Cape Canaveral Branch

Florida State Association

National League Of American Pen Women


Friend Application


Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________


Street Address: ___________________________________________


City, State, ZIp: ___________________________________________


Home Phone: ________________  Cell Phone: __________________


Email: ___________________________ Birthday (Day, Month): ________


Date: _______________________  Annual Contribution:  $35.00  ________


Friends of The Cape Canaveral Branch of NLAPW are included in all CCPW mailings, events, and meetings and participate fully except that they cannot vote or hold office.  They pay an annual contribution of $35.00, due May 1, and a $5.00 event fee unless they are the guest of a member. All funds from Friend support are directed to the branch scholarship fund. Friends who join after January 1 are not required to make an annual contribution again until the following year.

Please mail this completed form with check for $35.00 (made out to ccpw)  to: 

Marion Coste

6118 Anchor Lane

Rockledge, FL 32955