Donna Puglisi’s poem “Morning” is one of the selected featured poems in the Spring issue of “The Pen Women” it’s located on page 15 of the Poetry section. 

For those who don’t have a copy of "The Pen Women”…



The sky hangs gray and cold,

soft whispers of rain fall on the thirsty

winter brown coat of grass,

remnants of summer,

waiting to breathe warm and green once more.


I listen to nature’s conversations,

aware of her changing moods;

she speaks through the song of a bird,

dances as ripples in a lake,

sings her mournful cries through whistling


swiftly changes to teasing laughter on sunny



Morning is a wistful lady,

her life is short, as she reluctantly relents,

gracefully exiting for a new day to enter.

By Donna Puglisi