Who We Are

The National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW), the oldest arts organization for women in the United States, is a nonprofit with 82 branches, 20 State Associations, and many Members-at-Large. Since it was founded in 1897, when women were not permitted to join all-male associations, the League’s mission has been to support and promote creative excellence and professional standards among women in the arts. We are a community of more than 1,600 professional artists, writers, poets, composers, and arrangers who believe in the power of words, art, and music to illuminate the human experience, fire the imagination, and nourish the soul. The core values of the NLAPW are respect, knowledge, creation and preservation of the arts. The Cape Canaveral Branch was founded in 1969 by Dr. Madelyn Murray Stone, an accomplished author and musician. Since then, we have provided members and non-members with educational, creative, and professional support through programs and outreach activities.

What We Do

NLAPW Cape Canaveral is in perpetual motion. We have fun, share creative ideas, and constantly evolve to become better artists and better people. Through monthly meetings September to May, we support each other and provide opportunities for creative inspiration. We engage in community outreach and collaborate with other arts organizations. Every year, we award a scholarship to a high school senior woman who shows potential in writing, art, or music. We also contribute to local charitable organizations.