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Cape Canaveral Pen Women welcome you to our professional organization of musicians, artists and writers!  We are a creative force who make a difference in our communities and encourage women to achieve success in all disciplines of the arts.

Our Branch was established in 1969 and continues to be influential through our Outreach Programs. We interact with libraries to inform the public who we are and what we do, and we collaborate with One Senior Place to explore the arts through author talks and creative workshops. Cape Canaveral Pen Women make annual donations to local charities.

Every year we award a scholarship to a high school senior girl who shows potential and intends to pursue a career in one of the arts: Music, Letters, or Art. It is rewarding to encourage young women to continue aspiring to new heights through the arts.

We are a true sisterhood, constantly evolving to become better people, active in our communities and developing bonds with other organizations striving for excellence and a richer quality of life.
- Donna Puglisi, President Emerita